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CCNA 3 Cisco v5.0 Practice Final Exam - Answers



Refer to the exhibit. What are two consequences of issuing the displayed commands? (Choose two.)

The routing update information is protected against being falsified.
The key is encrypted with the MD5 hashing algorithm. 
The routing table of R2 will be secured.
OSPF routes will get priority over EIGRP routes going into the routing table.
The overhead of OSPF information exchange will reduce.

3. What two STP features are incorporated into Rapid PVST+? (Choose two.)

loop guard
BPDU guard
BPDU filter

4. What are two reasons to enable OSPF routing protocol authentication on a network? (Choose two.)

to prevent data traffic from being redirected and then discarded 
to ensure faster network convergence
to provide data security through encryption
to prevent redirection of data traffic to an insecure link 
to ensure more efficient routing


Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has issued the show ip eigrp neighbors command. What can be concluded from the output?

An EIGRP neighbor with IP address is connected to R1 via serial interface 0/1/0.
If R1 does not receive a Hello packet in 4 seconds from the neighbor with IP, it will declare the neighbor is down.
There is no incoming EIGRP message at this moment.
The first EIGRP neighbor R1 learned about has the IP address

6. What are three characteristics of the Cisco IOS Software Release 12.4T train? (Choose three.)

It receives regular software fixes that are synchronized with the 12.4 Mainline train.
It has a number of embedded technology packages.
It requires the activation of a license.
It is updated with new features and hardware support. 
It is derived from the Cisco IOS Software Release 12.4 Mainline train.
It has extended maintenance new feature releases approximately every 16 to 20 months.



Refer to the exhibit. How did this router learn of the highlighted route in the routing table?

by entering the router configuration mode command default-information originate
by entering the global configuration mode command ip route ip-address
by entering the global configuration mode command ip route interface-type interface-number
by receiving an update from another OSPF router that is running another routing protocol
by receiving an update from another OSPF router that has the default-information originate command configured

9. When the show spanning-tree vlan 33 command is issued on a switch, three ports are shown in the forwarding state. In which two port roles could these interfacesfunction while in the forwarding state? (Choose two.)


10. Which method of wireless authentication is currently considered to be the strongest?

shared key

11. When a range of ports is being configured for EtherChannel, which mode will configure LACP on a port only if the port receives LACP packets from another device?


12. While attending a conference, participants are using laptops for network connectivity. When a guest speaker attempts to connect to the network, the laptop fails to display any available wireless networks. The access point must be operating in which mode?


13. Fill in the blank.

By default, EIGRP is able to use up to 50 percent of the bandwidth for EIGRP messages on an EIGRP-enabled

14. Which model and which two characteristics would be more likely to be considered in purchasing an access layer switch, as compared to buying switches that operate at the other layers of the Cisco hierarchical design model? (Choose three.)

number of ports 
Catalyst 4500X
Catalyst 2960

15. What is the purpose of issuing the ip ospf message-digest-key key md5 password command and the area area-id authentication message-digest command on a router?

to facilitate the establishment of neighbor adjacencies
to encrypt OSPF routing updates
to enable OSPF MD5 authentication on a per-interface basis
to configure OSPF MD5 authentication globally on the router

16. Which two metric weights are set to one by default when costs in EIGRP are being calculated? (Choose two.)


17. What are two reasons to install a single 48-port fixed configuration switch, rather than two 24-port fixed configuration switches, in a wiring closet that supports two classrooms? (Choose two.)

more ports available for end devices 
more power provided to each port
higher uplink speeds 
reduced power and space requirements
reduced number of VLANs/broadcast domains

18. In the Cisco hierarchical design model, which layer is more likely to have a fixed configuration switch than the other layers?


19. Which step supports disaster recovery and should be performed first when upgrading an IOS system image on a Cisco router?

Delete the current image from flash memory.
Configure the router to load the new image from the TFTP server.
Copy the current image from the router to a TFTP server. 
Use the boot system command to configure the router to load the new image.


Refer to the exhibit. Two routers have been configured to use EIGRP. Packets are not being forwarded between the two routers. What could be the problem?

An incorrect IP address was configured on a router interface. 
The default bandwidth was used on the routers.
The routers were not configured to monitor neighbor adjacency changes.
EIGRP does not support VLSM.


Refer to the exhibit. Which destination MAC address is used when frames are sent from the workstation to the default gateway?

MAC addresses of both the forwarding and standby routers
MAC address of the forwarding router
MAC address of the standby router
MAC address of the virtual router

22. Fill in the blank.

In RSTP, BPDU frames are sent every 2 seconds by default


Refer to the exhibit. Which switching technology would allow data to be transmitted over each access layer switch link and prevent the port from being blocked by spanning tree due to the redundant link?


24. In which mode is the area area-id range address mask command issued when multiarea OSPF summarization is being configured?

global configuration mode
interface configuration mode of all participating interfaces
router configuration mode 
interface configuration mode of area 0 interfaces


Open the PT Activity. Perform the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question.

Why are users in the OSPF network not able to access the Internet?

The interface that is connected to the ISP router is down.
The default route is not redistributed correctly from router R1 by OSPF.
The OSPF network statements are misconfigured on the routers R2 and R3.
The OSPF timers that are configured on the routers R1, R2, and R3 are not compatible.
The network statement is misconfigured on the router R1.

26. Which statement describes the Autonomous System number that is used in EIGRP?

It identifies the priority of the networks to be included in update packets.
It is associated with the global Autonomous System number that is assigned by IANA.
It specifies the EIGRP routing process on a router. 
It defines the reliability of the EIGRP routing protocol.


Refer to the exhibit. Why are some of the entries marked O IA?

They correspond to entries that are learned from other routing protocols.
They are default routes that are learned from other routing protocols.
They represent summary routes that are internal to the area.
They correspond to entries that are learned from other areas.

28. Which command can be issued on a router to display information about the successors and feasible successors for a destination network when EIGRP is used as the routing protocol?

show ip eigrp topology 
show ip protocols
show ip eigrp interfaces
show ip eigrp neighbors

29. What does an OSPF area contain?

routers that share the same router ID
routers that have the same link-state information in their LSDBs 
routers whose SPF trees are identical
routers that share the same process ID

30. A network administrator is configuring the authentication for EIGRP routing. The administrator enters these commands:

R1(config)# key chain THE_KEY
R1(config-keychain)# key 1
R1(config-keychain-key)# key-string key123

What is the next step necessary to enable the authentication for EIGRP routing?

Configure an ACL to identify the networks that are participating in EIGRP.
Configure the priority of authentication algorithms to be used.
Configure the authentication in the router eigrp as-number configuration mode.
Configure the authentication on all interfaces that are participating in EIGRP.

31. When EtherChannel is configured, which mode will force an interface into a port channel without exchanging aggregation protocol packets?


32. In wireless networks what is a disadvantage of using mixed mode on an AP?

The wireless network operates slower if one device uses an older standard wireless NIC.
No encryption can be used by the AP or by the wireless NIC that is attached to the AP.
Devices must be closer to the AP due to the limited distance range.
Only 802.11n wireless NICs can attach to the AP.

33. The customer of a networking company requires VPN connectivity for workers who must travel frequently. To support the VPN server, the customer router must be upgraded to a new Cisco IOS software version with the Advanced IP Services feature set. What should the field engineer do before copying the new IOS to the router?

Issue the show running-configuration command to determine the features of the currently installed IOS image file.
Issue the show version and the show flash commands to ensure that the router has enough memory and file space to support the new IOS image.
Delete the currently installed IOS by using the erase flash: command, and reload the router
Set the router to load the new IOS image file directly from the TFTP server on the next reboot.


Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is verifying the bridge ID and the status of this switch in the STP election. Which statement is correct based on the command output?

The bridge priority of Switch_2 has been lowered to a predefined value to become the root bridge.
The bridge priority of Switch_2 has been lowered to a predefined value to become the backup root bridge.
The STP instance on Switch_2 is using the default STP priority and the election is based on Switch_2 MAC address.
The STP instance on Switch_2 is failing due to no ports being blocked and all switches believing they are the root.

35. A network technician is attempting to upgrade an IOS system image on a Cisco 1941 router. Which command should the technician issue to verify the presence of sufficient free space in flash for the new image on the router that is being upgraded?

show file system
show flash0: 
show running-config
show version

36. When would a network engineer configure an access point with channel bonding?

when trunking is enabled between the access point and switch
when security is an issue
when older wireless NICs are being used
when more throughput is needed

37. Which two parameters must match on the ports of two switches to create a PAgP EtherChannel between the switches? (Choose two.)

MAC address
port ID
VLAN information 
PAgP mode

38. Which statement describes a characteristic of a Cisco Enterprise Architecture module?

Server Farm and Data Center Module are submodules of the Enterprise Edge module.
The Enterprise Campus only consists of the core layer of the campus infrastructure.
The Enterprise Edge consists of the Internet, VPN, and WAN modules connecting the enterprise with the service provider’s network. 
The Service Provider Edge provides QoS, policy reinforcement, service levels, and security.

39. What is a wireless security mode that requires a RADIUS server to authenticate wireless users?

shared key


Refer to the exhibit. The routing table on R2 does not include all networks that are attached to R1. The network administrator verifies that the network statement is configured to include these two networks. What is a possible cause of the issue?

The no auto-summary command is missing in the R1 configuration. 
The network statements should include the wild card mask.
The AS number does not match between R1 and R2.
The interfaces that are connected to these two networks are configured as passive interfaces.

41. Which wireless network topology would be used by network engineers to provide a wireless network for an entire college building?

ad hoc
mixed mode


Refer to the exhibit. Why did R1 and R2 not establish an adjacency?

The automatic summarization is enabled on R1 and R2.
There is no network command for the network on R1.
The IPv4 address of Fa0/0 interface of R1 has a wrong IP address.
The AS number does not match on R1 and R2.

43. Which command will start the process to bundle two physical interfaces to create an EtherChannel group via LACP?

channel-group 2 mode auto
interface port-channel 2
channel-group 1 mode desirable
interface range GigabitEthernet 0/4 – 5

44. A laptop cannot connect to a wireless access point. Which two troubleshooting steps should be taken first? (Choose two.)

Ensure that the laptop antenna is attached.
Ensure that the correct network media is selected.
Ensure that the NIC is configured for the proper frequency.
Ensure that the wireless NIC is enabled.
Ensure that the wireless SSID is chosen.


Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator issues the show ip protocols command. Based on the exhibited output, what can be concluded?

The EIGRP K values are default values. 
The no auto-summary command is not applied for the EIGRP operation.
Up to 4 routes of different metric values to the same destination network will be included in the routing table.
R1 receives routes to the network and


47. Which routing protocol is able to scale for large networks and utilizes non-backbone areas for expansion?


48. What are two advantages of EtherChannel? (Choose two.)

Load balancing occurs between links configured as different EtherChannels.
Spanning Tree Protocol views the physical links in an EtherChannel as one logical connection.
EtherChannel uses upgraded physical links to provide increased bandwidth.
Configuring the EtherChannel interface provides consistency in the configuration of the physical links. 
Spanning Tree Protocol ensures redundancy by transitioning failed interfaces in an EtherChannel to a forwarding state.

49. A network administrator is troubleshooting the EIGRP routing between two routers, R1 and R2. The problem is found to be that only some, but not all networks attached to R1 are listed in the routing table of router R2. What should the administrator investigate on router R1 to determine the cause of the problem?

Does the hello interval setting match the hello interval on R2?
Does the AS number match the AS number on R2?
Do the network commands include all the networks to be advertised?
Is the interface connected to R2 configured as a passive interface?


Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is preparing to upgrade the IOS system image on a Cisco 2901 router. Based on the output shown, how much space is available for the new image?

25574400 bytes
33591768 bytes
249856000 bytes
221896413 bytes

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